Brian Walker, Calligrapher and Master Penman

Master Penman

Brian Gordon Walker was a British Artist, Calligrapher and Master Penman.

He is known around the globe for his fine, sensitive work: his excellence in Italic hand writing, Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship, his Transformations and coloured Pencil Pieces.

He considered himself to have been ‘largely self-taught, with a little help on the way’. His aim was to be as good as he could be, and then aspire to be better – an approach that he passed on to many of those he met.

In 2003, Brian was confirmed as a Master Penman through his induction in The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH). He was considered to be one of the world’s finest Spencerian penmen and was inducted in the IAMPETH Book of Honor in 2019.

He was a highly respected teacher, mentor and guide to amateur and professional calligraphers around the world and was an inspiration to many.

Brian is also recognised and remembered for his very own Walker’s Copperplate Ink – currently sold to 38 countries worldwide – and for being the person responsible for the development of the popular Leonardt EF Principal steel pointed nib, and subsequently his Walker Fine Writer.

What he did creatively was greatly influenced by his background of art, craftsmanship, lettering and a love of nature, natural shapes and structures. All of these merged with life’s visual and emotional experiences contributed to his creations.

This website has been set up in his memory, by his daughters, to honour his exemplary and active contribution to the world of calligraphy, to promote his lettering and artistic expertise and with the hope that Brian will continue to inspire the calligraphy community. The site will grow in content over a period of time and additional work of Brian’s will be exhibited.

May his memory live on and he be remembered always! Please don’t stop talking about Brian G. Walker.

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